A while ago now I was approached to review BeautyCraft – the smartphone app for natural beauty. For any beginners interested in starting to make their own natural beauty recipes I would recommend this app. The recipes on BeautyCraft are all very simple and easy to follow, and in fact, many of the ingredients may already be found in your kitchen, along with the tools required for the making of them.

The recipes found in the BeautyCraft app are pure, simple, and really show how beauty products don’t have to be complicated or expensive. They also show that there is no need for all those unpronounceable chemicals that most mainstream products are laden with these days. As the BeautyCraft recipes are food-based, there is no demand for the purchase of expensive premium oils, which admittedly I am a fan of when I’m making my own recipes up! The app shows how to utilise kitchen cupboard ingredients to create an array of products – Bath Bombs, Fizzes and Soaks, Body Scrubs, Cleansers, Toners, Face Masks, Scrubs, Steams, Foot Treatments and Hair Treatments. You may find that rather than searching for meals to use up leftover ingredients in your fridge that you are making beauty treats!

As well as the recipe section on the BeautyCraft app you will also find a section outlining all tools you will need to make the beauty products (so you can make sure you have everything before you set your sights on making something you don’t have the equipment for!) and also an ingredients glossary which tells you the beneficial beauty properties of all the ingredients.

This is a super app for those who have an interest in natural products, have considered making their own products but don’t really know where to begin. There are alternative ingredients which you can swap in and out to create products with different properties. This will help build your confidence to get more creative with your own recipes too! BeautyCraft App is available for iPhone and iPod touch from the iTunes store £1.49  Here’s a sneak preview of a recipe you can find on the app. Lorraine the creator of BeautyCraft App has also launched blog Herb & Hedgerow which is well worth a read!

BeautyCraft AppBeautyCraft App