Anyone who’s read the 2012 Natural Beauty Yearbook will know I am a big fan of Balm Balm products. You can read my review of their Rose Geranium Balm here Their ingredients are simple and pure but the formulas effective. This cleanser is no different. It is made up of fractionated coconut oils naturally mechanically extracted from virgin coconut butter without the use of chemicals. There is almost no fragrance to the product, which as a coconut freak disappointed me slightly but the product performed excellently.

I used this in two ways (as directed on the packaging). Firstly I massaged in small circular motions over my face and neck then removed with damp cotton wool pads. You can also remove eye makeup in this manner. Whilst in the bath I again massaged into my face and neck before taking an organic muslin facial cloth, running it under piping hot water and placing over my face for a couple of minutes. This provides a deeper cleanse.

This product is so light and delicate I would recommend it for even the most sensitive of skins.

Balm Balm Super Light Coconut Cleanser £12.99 available from

Balm Balm 3 Pack Organic Muslin Cloths £6 available from