The Balance Me team gave me this wash to try and I must say I am now quite partial to it. The smell is very green, which is something I don’t usually go for, but it really is quite charming. Green myrtle, from whence this green smell comes, is antibacterial, and has been beautifully combined with the citrus aromas of sweet neroli, orange and petitgrain. The fragrance is perfect for springtime, and needn’t just be for the shower, as it comes in a handy pump dispenser which makes it ideal for keeping by the kitchen sink. When washing with this I think of countrified holidays in the Mediterranean, surrounded by green pastures and vineyards.

Aside from the occasional squirt of hand cream in a Shoreditch venue I had the misfortune of working at for a brief stint, this is the first Balance Me product I have tried, and I look forward to discovering more of the range very soon!

Balance Me Seven Day Hand & Body Wash With Petitgrain & Green Myrtle, £10.21, available from