Me and Balance Me

I took Balance Me Radiant Skin Collection on holiday with me to Egypt and really enjoyed putting these minis to the test! A few weeks prior I met Maddie from Balance Me to have a proper look at the Balance Me range, as I must admit whilst I am really familiar with the brand I’ve only ever really used a couple of Balance Me products. One, Balance Me Rose Otto Wash, which smells divine, and the other is Balance Me 7 Day Petitgrain Wash, you can read my review of that lovely product here however I discovered at our meet up was discontinued. Shame as I love the fragrance and as I explained to Maddie I don’t normally opt for “green” scents, tending to go for more floral and spicy notes.

Balance Me Radiant Skin Collection

The Balance Me Radiant Skin Collection is contained in a really cute silver washbag. I think the size of this bag makes it an excellent base camp for my makeup, however being a girl who mostly favours small handbags it won’t work with the majority of my handbags! Inside the Balance Me Radiant Skin Collection are five discovery sized products – Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, Radiance Face Oil, Moisture-Rich Face Cream, Radiant Face Mask, and Stellar Face Balm.

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm

The first product I tried from the Balance Me Radiant Skin Collection is Balance Me Stellar Face Balm, as on the day of the meeting I had unfortunately been bitten several times by some pesky mosquitos and was itchy as hell. Maddie has advised me that this Balm is in face not just for face, but an all purpose balm that you can put to work on a variety of skin complaints. It was indeed soothing for my insect bites. I also used this product on the flight to Egypt, applying several times in order to ensure my skin stayed hydrated and smooth. Flying can be seriously dehydrating for your skin, and the air conditioning certainly does no good either. Thankfully the balm helped to keep my skin in tip top condition throughout the whole flight.

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm is made from a blend of some of the most skin-nourishing ingredients from nature including – Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Rose oil, Carrot Oil and pure Vitamin E. The smell, as you would expect from an aromatherapy range, is so balanced, you can kind of smell a little bit of all these ingredients if you have a keen nose, but at the same time it’s not overpowering at all.

To touch, Balance Me Stellar Face Balm is soft and light, only a small amount is required to cover your face and neck, and once there whilst you can feel it on your skin there is no stickiness or tackiness, it just feels like a smooth layer embalming, nourishing and protecting your skin all at the same time. I see myself using this as a lovely night treatment, giving all those powerful ingredients time to sink in as I get my beauty sleep, to awaken fresh faced and dewy skinned. As I’ve already said you can use it for in-flight hydration and insect bites, as well as grazes, dry lips, chaffing, bumps, bruises and those stubborn dry patches on the elbows, knees and feet. One thing I’m sure of is that I will be keeping this Balance Me’s Stellar Face Balm in my handbags, be they big or small!!

Available from Balance Me Stellar Face Balm £18