I just love the team at Imagination PR, who look after Aromatherapy Associates (amongst others)! Twice now I have hinted that I am going through a bit of a tough time in our correspondence, and twice they have come to the rescue with lovely surprise packages of Aromatherapy Associates. So huge thanks to Emily & Co. at Imagination PR. It’s greatly appreciated especially as I find aromatherapy really effective, particularly in times of intense stress.

A while ago, I was set the Inner Strength Candle from Aromatherapy4 Associates.


The very kind people at Aromatherapy5 Associates are donating 10% of proceeds from sales of select items to the charity Defence Against Cancer. The candle is said to help you “find your inner strength in challenging and difficult times”, and to be fortifying and inspiring. We came back from our recent holiday to Antigua to some devastating news, and whilst I’m not saying burning a candle made everything go away, this Aromatherap6y Associates Inner Strength Candle seemed to help us keep our heads together and bring a sense of togetherness to our home. The essential oils used are frankincense and cardamom, a very uplifting, warm and spicy blend, and thanks to the frankincense a slightly Christmassy scent. Although I would burn this any time of the year! All Aromatherapy7 Candles are hand-poured in the UK, made from only the highest quality soy wax, GMO free and use unbleached cotton wicks.

After sharing that I had received some very sad news, Emily sent me a surprise containing two Aromatherapy8 Associates products – Instant Inner Strength Rollerball and Relaxing Bath Box.

First up, Aromatherapy9 Associates Instant Inner Strength Rollerball


A fortifying blend of clary sage, frankincense and cardamom oils, 100% natural and presented in an ever so handy handbag-sized roller ball. I’ve been keeping this close at hand for times of stress, and sadness. It helps bring focus to my often racing and distracted mind, and uplifts my spirits almost instantly. I apply to my wrists, neck, and temple points, and I find it comforting to take a few deep inhales of the fragrance on my wrist. It grounds me, powerful stuff! It comes in a gorgeous gift box, so is a perfect stocking filler for Christmas. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I struggle slightly to get the tube out of the box! Other than that I love it!

Last but by no means least, Aromatherapy10 Associates Relaxing Bath Box.


This contains some of my favourite bath and shower oils from Aromatherapy11 Associates. So far, I’ve only used the Relax Light out of the box. My stress had unfortunately manifested itself in terrible back, shoulder and neck pain, and I think a nerve was pinching as I had a tension headache for 5 days. It was so bad thought I was going to have to pay my osteopath a visit, but I tried taking it a little easier for a few days, had some marvellous massages from my magical masseuse (Mr BB) and took a few baths with Aromatherapy12 Associates Relax Light Bath & Shower Oil and some Magnesium Flakes thrown in for good measure. I was bathing in the day time, which is most unusual for me, hence my use of the light version rather than the deep one – I’m saving the Relax Deep for bedtime baths.


Aromatherapy13 Associates Relax Light Bath & Shower Oil

is a blend of lavender, ylang ylang, bitter orange and vetiver oils, with ylang ylang and vetiver being the most prominent. I use this oil for when I am feeling stressed out, mentally and physically, but it’s not night time; either first thing in the morning or as I mentioned above for daytime baths and showers.

Aromatherapy14 Associates Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil

is a more powerful blend of vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, wild chamomile and Roman chamomile. I never use this one in the shower, it’s saved exclusively for baths as I think if you truly want to achieve deep relaxation it’s best to do so horizontally.

Aromatherapy15 Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil

blends bitter orange, rosemary, wild chamomile and frankincense oils and I use this to clear my thoughts and find some focus. I think it’s my favourite out of these three oils, but I enjoy using them all and find them effective for helping body and mind.

To use in the bath, simply pour 1/3 of the oil under the hot tap, or in the shower massage into your skin before getting into the shower. Your body will love the massage, and when you rinse away the oil in the shower your skin will feel super silky and soft.

Finally, Aromatherapy16 Associates Relax Body Wash.

This is the first body wash product I have tried from Aromatherapy17 Associates, and it’s lovely. It’s the perfect product for end of day showers, to wash away any stress and strain, with notes of lavender, petitgrain and vetiver. It’s a lovely, delicate scent and the foaming action of the body wash is gentle and feels almost creamy. I haven’t tried this yet, but you can also run under hot water for a relaxing bath experience.

Available from aromatherapy18associates.com