Antipodes Joyous Night Replenishing Serum was the first product I have tried in this range. It’s a brand I work with and it’s being quickly recognised as a premium skincare brand that can hold its own against the more established brands in these times of recession. Anyway, enough shop talk, on to the review.

The term serum tends to refer to a concentrated formula not based around oil, however, Joyous goes against this as it is oil-based. The oils in this lovely serum are Red Raspberry Seed Oil and New Zealand Blackcurrant Oil to provide lots of fatty acids that your skin needs to plump it, along with Hibiscus and Kiwi oil which freshen the complexion. The other main ingredient is Goji Berries, which provide no less than 19 amino acids that work on a cellular level.

I love the smell of this product, it’s very berry! A little goes a long way so don’t put too many drops on your hand else you will be wasting it. It’s light, non-greasy and sinks easily into the skin leaving it soft to the touch and looking radiant. And that’s before you’ve even gone to bed and the product’s had a chance to go to work. I’ve been using the Joyous at night and the Natural Wisdom Rosehip & Pomegranate Antioxidant Treatment Oil in the mornings, which you can read my review of here and I must say I’m an absolute convert to face oils. I’ve not needed to use a separate moisturiser and my skin has definitely been softer and more balanced – by this, I mean less oily T zone and no spotty chin around my time of the month which has really pleased me!

This product has been designed especially to be used with the Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream but I found this serum adequate on its own. If your skin is dry or more mature then I am sure it would benefit from using both of these products at night. I have also tried a sample sachet of the Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser which smelt amazing and seemed to do a good job, however, I’ll have to try the product properly before recommending and reviewing! Coming soon will be my Saviour Skin Balm review, a product that has become a handbag staple for me. It’s a premium posh organic Vaseline!

 Antipodes Joyous Night Replenishing Serum

Available from feelunique.com Antipodes Joyous Night Replenishing Serum