A bit like Beyond Organic‘s products, I have been blown away by every Antipodes product I have tried and the Antipodes Apostle Serum did not disappoint. The serum is 100% natural, 74% organic, water-based but it’s not just any old water; it’s Waiwera mineral water sourced from an ancient spring that has been voted the world’s best premium bottled water (Decanter magazine 2008) to help replenish moisture in the skin. Your skin will still probably need a moisturiser or facial oil afterwards to ensure optimum hydration, although on a few days I did go without and although my skin was fine I could tell that it couldn’t stay in top condition using only this product. But it’s not designed to be a moisturiser so that’s fine by me! Other active ingredients are – antioxidant-rich Vinanza Performance Plus which is made from Vinanza grapes and scientifically validated to reduce facial redness as well as control melanin production which can cause discolouration; Kiwi fruit, a superfood that contains enzymes to exfoliate chemically rather than abrasively; Oxifend, made from red grapes, to soothe the skin and calm any irritation; Mamaku Black Fern and Reishi Mushroom to promote cell renewal.

I was using this in conjunction with the Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser (read Kathrine from Product Pixie’s review here)  and they worked a treat. My skin was truly glowing, radiant and my skin tone was lovely and even within a few days of using these products. My skin is usually pretty good but these products made it even better and to see results so quickly I was super impressed. I was using this product both morning and night along with the Juliet Cleanser. What’s also fabulous about them is the amazing smells. The Juliet Cleanser has an apple and cardamon scent whilst the Apostle Serum smells of bubblegum but not in a sickly way – I think it’s the red raspberry seed oil and the grapes.

If you suffer from pigmentation issues, uneven skin tone, blotches and the like then I would highly recommend this product to address these issues. I can’t believe the difference these products made to my skin and I don’t really suffer from any of these ailments. Some may find the price tag a bit hefty at £43.99 but I believe the results do warrant it. The serum lasted me about 5 weeks applying liberally twice a day and the Juliet Cleanser is still going strong some two and a half months after beginning the trial!

Antipodes Apostle

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