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If you want my thoughts on some AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare products then read on!
AEOS organic skincare came into my life only relatively recently, however, the range has fast scaled the ranks to be amongst my favourite skincare brands. No mean feat, the number of beauty products I am lucky enough to try out! The oil blends in each and every product are so well concocted to bring a sensory experience to the use of each product, but not just this the products are really effective. Whether it’s the combination of skin-lovers or the blessed crystal energies, who can say? My skin improved with use of these products (and I have pretty good skin!)

First up, AEOS Blue Gentle Cleansing Lotion 


A mild, light but velvety cleanser with a beautiful fragrance led by Rose Geranium and Grapefruit. There’s also nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, balancing Jojoba Oil, along with calming Lavender and Chamomile. I don’t usually opt for cleansing lotions but this one really suited my skin and I loved both how it felt on my skin and how it smelt. It worked excellently with my Eve Taylor Cleansing Face Brush. Best used on a dampened face and then rinsed away. My skin felt clean after use but also smooth, balanced and not at all tight.

Next, AEOS Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq (£39.99)


I am a massive oil cleansing fan, and this oil is a magical combination of AEOS biodynamic Spelt Oil, sebum-balancing Jojoba Oil, Vitamin C-rich Grape Seed Oil – great for oily skin, antibacterial Sesame Seed Oil, and anti-ageing Avocado Oil and pure Vitamin E. This product is perfect for removing makeup, even around the delicate eye area.

AEOS recommend to moisten cotton wool pads with warm water, add a few drops of the Dé-Maq cleanser and apply using upward sweeping movements over the face and neck. Repeat as necessary to remove all traces of dirt and make-up, and to use separate pads for each eye area when removing eye make up. I prefer to take a small amount and massage in with my fingertips into my face and neck, before using a steamy face towel. Read more about double cleansing technique here.

The third and final Cleanser is Dew Facial Wash


This face wash was a lovely gentle cleanse, the formula packed full of beautiful essential oils and plant extracts to help care for and clean skin. Featuring skin conditioning and hydrating oils from Neroli (it doesn’t just smell nice!), Lemon and Honey to gently refresh your complexion.

AEOS Refreshing Hydrating Mist


This lovely refreshing facial mist is a beautifully scented toner with Rosewater, Lavender Extract, Orange Extract and Lemon Myrtle Oil, as well as the biodynamic Spelt Oil present in all AEOS products. With use, skin stays hydrated throughout the day, and senses are instantly uplifted. This product became another handbag favourite in the summertime! So refreshing!
AEOS Gentle Exfoliant


An effective yet gentle face exfoliant, rich in seed oils and biodynamic Spelt Oil to nourish and hydrate the skin during the process of exfoliation. The exfoliating action is cause by small beads, I believe of Jojoba, and my skin was left feeling soft, smooth and no redness or irritation from too aggressive an action. There are some beautiful skin oils in here including Argan, Avocado, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed.

AEOS Energising Conditioner


This product was a delightful addition to my skincare regime. It’s a post cleanse, pre-moisturise product. A treatment of sorts, but so light and easily  absorbed into the skin. The fragrance is divine Rose, thanks to the presence of both Rosewater and Rose Oil. Best used on damp skin, I would leave this to be completely absorbed before applying moisturiser. One ingredient worth noting is White Birch Extract, a restorative, purifying and healing ingredient which helps repair and renew the skin.

AEOS Enriching Moisturiser (Blue) 


An amazing moisturiser, packed full of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals to provide hydration and keep the positive skin benefits of the previous products locked in the skin. The moisturiser feels so light and silky, almost too light to be effective on first thoughts. But fear not, this moisturiser is most impressive, and keeps moisture locked in the skin and comfortable.  

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