When Nicky from Sparcana invited me for a treatment session at the Serene Sanctuary with none other than Jane Scrivner herself, how could I refuse? Her Cleansing Balm won Best Cleanser in the Biteable Best of Beauty 2013 awards so I was keen to learn more about both the Jane Scrivner range and of course meet the lady behind the products. Also, as the dates Nicky suggested fell just after the Natural & Organic Products Show it was perfect timing for some TLC especially for me! I had never worked as hard as I did the week before the show, not even when I was working those long intense hours in fashion preparing for shows and shoots. What I hadn’t realised was that Jane was based in Stratford upon Avon, but believe me, the journey was well worth it! Mr BB and I were planning to go away for the weekend up there but we didn’t get round to organising anything so I ended up going just as a day trip. I do love a good train journey though and always make good use of the time sat still, usually answering emails and writing up blog posts!

Upon arrival, I took a moment to observe the beauty of Sparcana‘s surroundings (Sparcana is Jane’s company – the distributor of Jane Scrivner and Spapliance – I’m very intrigued by The Orb) It was truly a serene sanctuary! There were rolling hills every which way, farmland and both the office and the treatment room were old farm outbuildings, done up to an immaculate standard. As much as I love London I do long for more green and serene in my life, for now though I will have to make do with Hampstead Heath!

Here is the Serene Sanctuary:


I was seated in the treatment room and awaited Jane’s arrival, upon which I was proffered a glass or water of elderflower cordial, I chose the latter. Jane and I spent a few minutes talking through the treatment options (Jane makes all her treatment sessions bespoke to the wants and needs of her client and can mix up facial with massage therapy with ease – as I discovered) As I had come expecting a facial, I opted for mostly facial with a little bit of massage – head, shoulders, chest and arms.


Anyone who has used Jane Scrivner products will know the aromas are magnificent! My treatment started out with the product I had already tried, the Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser. This is a beautiful balm with an Organic Jojoba Oil base, Beeswax and essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Elemi, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Lavender, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Sweet Orange. These blend together to create a subtle alluring fragrance. Having used this product at home I know this product is an excellent start for any skincare routine, and as Jane says “It started where it should always start – The Cleanser. Beautifully clean skin in perfect condition to drink in the facial oils.”


Next up came the Facial Grinds, a truly unique product of which I have not seen the like. This can be a little harsh for sensitive skin types so Jane doesn’t always use during a first consultation, she likes to get to know her client’s skin before using this exfoliator. However as my skin is not particularly sensitive, and I was excited to hear about it and try it, Jane gave it a whirl. The Facial Grinds are made from 100% Quartz Crystal, nothing more nothing less. To use just dip the pads of your fingers into the grinds and work in small circles, just as you would a normal exfoliator. It is believed that Quartz Crystal can help with skin cell renewal.

What followed all becomes a little bit hazy. I remember before starting the treatment I chose the Rose Gold Face Oil for my face massage, and I know that Jane used the Balance Body Oil for my upper body massage. Other than that I have very vivid recollections of a multitude of colours in front of my eyes, particularly red, purple and yellow, and a memory of deep, deep relaxation. It was amazing! Never before had I experienced colours during a treatment. Jane gave a nod to the crystals and stones under the bed and said although she didn’t utilise them in the treatment perhaps they still took effect. It turns out Jane had gone to learn from Native Indians in New Mexico, and although it wasn’t necessarily what she was in to now it nevertheless had influenced her treatments through the years and was an important part of her journey to where she is (and what she practices) today.


I had advised Jane prior to my treatment that I get very tight in the shoulders (as do most people living in this modern age) and that my right shoulder, in particular, is where I carry my stress. My body felt fabulous post treatment, and I remember two pressure points that Jane focused on quite thoroughly on my chest. I could feel the micro muscles loosening as she did so. There was time for a bit of retail therapy in Jane’s gorgeously presented boutique, which was a great opportunity to try out the rest of the oils. I invested in a Peace Comforting Body Bath Oil, although it was a very tough decision to make! Thankfully I was gifted a set of minis to take away – coming soon on Try Me, Beautiful! As for my skin, well, after Nicky had dropped me at the train station I inspected my skin in broad daylight – glowing, radiant smooth and clear. Everything I could possibly wish for. As the train pulled away from the Serene Sanctuary, I only wished that I lived closer and could afford to do this more often!

For more information, visit janescrivner.com