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3107 Artisan Skincare Launch at Hush Brasserie


3107 Artisan Skincare

On Saturday 12th March I woke up happy! After what can only be described as a rollercoaster week with emotional lows (a lowest ever Thursday feeling on the career front) was succeeded by a rather wonderful Friday where everything went fantastically well.
So, was it just the Friday feeling spilling over into Saturday? Partly perhaps, but I was happy for several other reasons too:
1 it was sunny!
2 it wasn’t cold for the first time in ages.
3 in the evening we were meeting my parents for pre-theatre dinner before heading to The End of Longing.
4 the day after was time for brunching in The Sky Garden!
5 it was time for me to make my way to Hush Brasserie, to see lovely Dija (of fab blog Dija’s World) to find out all about her new skincare launch:

3107 Artisan Skincare

Dija wears a lot of hats; a blogger, beauty writer, facialist, formulator and mum. She always has an incredible complexion, radiant and glowing. I was keen for this insight into her beauty secrets! I love seeing people going out and doing their own thing, so hats off to Dija for taking on yet another hat! It takes grit and determination but when it pays off the feeling is unbeatable!
Dija has been a facialist for over ten years, and over this time she’s been using her clients (and sister Lalonde) as human guinea pigs. She didn’t feel ready up until this moment to go the next step, but I’m glad she did. The 3107 brand is beautifully presented, the products feel and smell gorgeous and on first try, I have already gotten a good feeling for the products!
Wondering where the 3107 of 3107 Artisan Skincare comes from? Well, they are the digits of not only Dija’s birthday, but also the digits of her mum’s and daughter’s too, albeit in different orders!
When Dija became a mum she realised that the £100 serums she used to buy to use on her skin were a luxury she couldn’t really justify any more. However, she still wanted to use a nice organic product on her skin. This is the notion behind 3107 skincare – affordable, organic luxury.
3107 Artisan Skincare has launched with two products, recommended for most skin types, although Dija points out if you are suffering from acneic skin these may not be the right products for you to be using at this moment:
Heart & Soul Deep Cleansing Makeup Remover; a restorative cleanser designed to remove every last trace of makeup, grime and pollution, without build up and leaving pores clear as can be. The product can also be used as a regenerative treatment mask, best enjoyed in the bath (I know what I’ve got planned for my next night in!) Dija is a cleansing evangelist, and as she says ot really should be the heart and soul of any skincare routine. Dija recommends using with a hot flannel, as hot as you can bear it, to release the essential oils and feel the instant relief and reviving properties. The fragrance is beautiful; a lovely blend of lavender, lemongrass and geranium.
My Everything Soothing Face Elixir; Dija created this oil initially after her skin had taken a battering one winter. It was feeling dried out and not very happy, but within 48 hours the product had calmed her skin.  This is a blend of apricot, peach and jojoba oils with essential oils of lavender and chamomile. Designed to soothe the skin and comfort the mind, I’m already envisaging applying before bedtime with a gentle pressure point massage!
One is instantaneously drawn to the branding of 3107 Skincare, and when Dija is asked about it at the event she describes the creation as haphazard! She worked on the design project with a friend who lives in Sweden, developing the ideas via a Pinterest board! Dija has never seen or spoken  to but calls her a friend, and from the end result I’d say this is a very good friend! We all marvel at the power of tech!
The product lines are just the two at the moment, but during our brunch we quiz Dija about what’s to come. The answer does not disappoint – a cleansing oil to compliment Heart & Soul Makeup Remover, a “Floral Plus Spray” – more that a floral water toner, this product also contains moisturising hyaluronic acid and skin-healing zinc, and another product shrouded in mystery, which is all about being radiant. I can’t wait to find out more!
When I arrived home and opened my goodie bag, there was an added bonus surprise; not only both of the 3107 Skincare products to try but also a tea infuser and an artisan blend of organic tea hand-crafted by Dija! Be Still contains peach, apricot, chamomile and lavender, which is the perfect compliment to the skincare line.
Thanks so much for the invitation, Dija! I can’t wait to try these 3107 Artisan Skincare products and the tea, watch out for my review coming later!
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