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Helps Stop Snoring Throat Rinse

Helps Stop Snoring Throat Rinse

Snoring ZzZzZzZz We've all been kept up at some point all night (or most of it anyway, and we'll always complain about it being ALL night!) be it by Dads, Grandparents, partners or friends. But what causes snoring? Well, when we fall asleep our muscles relax...

Organic Burst Baobab Drink Powder

Organic Burst Baobab Drink Powder

Organic Burst's Baobab Drink Powder helps boost immunity as well as improve digestive function - both our immune and digestive systems can be left feeling pretty sluggish due to overindulgence during the festivities! Organic Burst Baobab Natural Powder – what is Baobab? Baobab is a tree indigenous...

Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology (ELT) Therapy

Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology

Biteable Beauty's Beauty Angel ELT Treatment at Cucumba Salon, Soho A couple of months ago I went for a new and unusual treatment at Cucumba Salon in Soho. Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology therapy is a new type of treatment especially designed to target the first signs of ageing,...

Moa Green Balm

What is and what's in Moa the Green Balm? Moa the Green Balm is a 100% natural multipurpose balm. I'm a massive fan of products that you can use in a variety of ways – you can check out my review of Balm Balm's Rose Geranium...