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Try Me, Beautiful! Unique Haircare


It’s been a while since the last Try Me, Beautiful! post, mainly because I’ve not been away anywhere and therefore I’ve been beautifying out of full size vessels. I’ve a few trips coming up this summer so I am sure my blogs will be more regularly interspersed with TMB recordings. I picked up these Unique Haircare samples at Vivaness in Nuremberg earlier on in the …

Try Me, Beautiful! SURYA Brasil – Amazonia Preciosa Buriti Shampoo and Conditioner


Some of the first samples I am reviewing from my fabulous trip to Biofach/Vivaness. I went to Beyond Beauty in France a couple of years ago which was a great experience, but the German show in Nuremburg was something else! A real inspiration and an eye opener for up and coming trends in both natural beauty and organic foods.  I have some SURYA hair dye …

Try Me, Beautiful! Mille Ulivi Sample Sachet Selection

Try Me, Beautiful! Mille Ulivi

Mille Ulivi was one of the first stands I visited at Biofach/Vivaness, and it is also one of the brands I was most excited about. I can see this brand doing incredibly well I beauty boutiques and gift shops alike. The full size range are packaged in very attractive recycled olive wood holders, and once the vessel is empty you can refill the wooden holder …