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DIY Beauty: Unbeelievable Health’s Bee Propolis Beauty & Healing Balm

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My friends over at Unbeelievable Health shared this DIY with me. I’m just about to order some Beeswax so that I can make it and review – unfortunately Mr BB has hidden away some of my beauty ingredients somewhere so when I came to make this I could not find my beeswax! Watch out for the video coming soon. Unbeelievable Health have advised that this balm helps to …

Of Beauty, Bees and Books (Well, One Book!)


Having worked with two bee brands Unbeelievable Health (who we still work with) and LifeMel, the necessity of bees in the world, and their plight is something very close to my heart. Some of you must have picked up on this through my writing as I recently received through the post a book entitled The Bees which was sent to me out of my interest in …

Holiday Health Helpers: My favourite products


This is the last post in my Caribbean series, and I think it quite apt that just 12 hours from the time I publish this post, I’ll be stepping on a plane and jet-setting off to the Greek island of Kea for a week. My friend is getting married out there so we thought we’d tie our summer holiday in with it. I need to …