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An Arctic Adventure on a Mission to see the Northern Lights


In February 2014 we went on a 15 day cruise in the hope of spotting the aurora borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Another holiday thanks to my incredibly generous parents! The aurora was believed to be at peak visibility during 2014 thanks to the solar max period we’ve just experienced (where solar activity is at its highest)  however I’ve since read that it may …

City Break Paris


Back in September I was invited to go and judge at the prestigious Beauty Challenger Awards, part of Cosmeeting Beyond Beauty in Paris. Taking place the week after my birthday, this was a perfect opportunity for a few days away and a mini break in the capital of romance! I love Paris, but Mr BB is not so smitten (“it’s like London but with lots …

Beach Vacation- Antigua 2013


Caribbean Beach Vacation 2013 I am lucky to have incredibly generous parents. This year was our third beach vacation to the Caribbean courtesy of them, and our second visit to Antigua.  The first trip was to Barbados, I wrote about Harrison’s Cave on the island here. Both times we stayed at a resort that although owned by Sandals is not a Sandals resort; Grand Pineapple …