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Organic September Day 19: Dr Bronner’s Anise and Cinnamon All-One Toothpastes


Dr Bronner All-One Toothpaste Organic Credentials Dr Bronner’s Toothpastes are certified organic by two bodies. One which we are familiar with in the UK, the USDA – the United States Department of Agriculture – the same body that certifies food in the USA. On the toothpaste the logo displayed is OTCO – Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, a body that has been a leader in the formation …

Watch What You Brush You Teeth With: Alternative Toothpaste


Three Things You Didn’t Know about Your Toothpaste’s Ingredients Already when we were little we were meticulously taught that brushing our teeth is key to maintaining oral –and overall- health and prevent black holes. Therefore, it might (and should!) not come as a surprise to you that dentists recommend brushing your  teeth at least twice per day, flossing religiously, eating properly, steering clear of sugary …