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My Favourite Natural & Organic Aromatherapy Products


I’ve been getting into aromatherapy in a big way recently. I have de-stress products on my desks at work and home, and I’ve also been using a few other products – Essence of Vali oil blends in the bath, sleep aids and mood boosters. Here are a few of my favourite picks Buddha Nose Booster Spray for Confidence & Energy I had this spray in …

Hands on Holiday!


It’s always said that you can tell a woman’s age from her hands, so all the more reason whilst on holiday to keep them protected! Our hands are exposed almost all the time, bar those exceptionally cold days when you don your winter gloves, which means that they are in the sun’s rays more often than not. Our hands are often one of the most …

5 of the Best… Natural Gift Sets for Christmas

Natural Gift Sets for Christmas

Natural Gift Sets Christmas will soon be upon us, and as soon as it came it will be gone. This year I have barely had time to think about the big event so far; we put up our quite simply fabulous tree yesterday and that’s as far as I have got. Christmas shopping may start tonight or tomorrow (and Mum I will get back to …