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Biteable Beauty Bites Back!


My dear readers, forgive me for I have sinned! I left you hanging for almost 3 months! If you looked at my Instagram prior to last Monday, you’d be led to assume that I completed my Fierce Grace 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, celebrated with a bottle of organic Prosecco from Earth Foods and then disappear down the rabbit hole! Admittedly, Twitter has been somewhat more …

Biteable Beauty is Back….

Rebecca Goodyear Biteable Beauty

and Better Than EVER! Hello my beauties, And a happy Sunday to you all. I’m back! It’s been a while, nearing five months. Time has flown. I was only meant to take a couple of months off over the summer to focus on growing my business, but the relaunch date kept moving. Much like my holiday to Italy, only we’ve still not made it there …