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Looking for a Natural or Organic Eye Cream?


Eye creams are often part of many women’s (and men’s) daily skincare regimen. However, what most people don’t suspect: eye creams may be doing more harm to this area of sensitive skin than good. A great variety of eye creams contains fragrance, which are neither a blessing for the skin, nor good to the eyes. As alluring and luxurious as applying a nicely scented eye …

Biteable Beauty Best of 2013-14 Beauty Awards


Well my dear readers, I must apologise for the delay in releasing my beauty awards this year. The truth is, we’ve been rather busy! Still better late than never. The awards still run from March 20th, the first day of spring, through to the last day of winter, 19th March 2015. Hopefully next year I will be ready to release the results on time! The products …

Anti-Age Me : Organic Natralox Anti-Wrinkle Cream


Organic Natralox is an Australian product which has been making ripples in the natural beauty world by erradicating ripples on the skin of beauty journalists and afficionados alike. I know my gorgeous friend Miss Eco Glam is a fan, and I have to say that after one (extremely long-lasting) bottle later I am hooked. The key ingredient in Organic Natralox which makes the product have …