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Why Choose Natural Body Lotions and Creams


Body lotions and creams can be a necessity for dry skin types to help nurture, repair and smooth, but they can be a nice step of our beauty regimen, pampering both our skin and senses. What most people don’t suspect, though, is that their favourite and beautifully scented body lotion may be laden with harmful chemicals. Here we take a look at why it’s better …

Organic Beauty Week – USDA Certification


Organic Beauty Week- USDA NOP Many of you might be wondering what this stands for. Well it’s United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program. Now you can see why they shortened it! USDA NOP is a food standard with three certification variations, which offers its certification not just to food brands, but also beauty and personal care. There are limited amounts of synthetics allowed …

Organic Essence Lemongrass Mint Organic Shea Cream


It was Purely Natural Cosmetics who put me on to Organic Essence products. They have a super range of organic body butters and creams. The butters come in Jasmine, Coconut Vanilla and Citrus Lavender and the Creams in Lemongrass Mint, Vanilla Orange and Lavender. The butters give your skin maximum moisture, whilst the cream provides long lasting moisture and doubles as an excellent massage cream. …