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Tsuboki Facial Massage and The Metamorphic Technique with Axelle Bonaparte


Tsuboki Massage After my Metamorphic Technique experience, it was time for the Tsuboki Facial Massage. The word “Tsuboki” is formed from the combination of “Tsubo”, acupressure point and “Ki”, energy in Japanese. Massaging Tsuboki and Acupressure points helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, improve skin and muscle tone and blood circulation, and reduce pore size and acne scars. The facial acupressure points relate to 8 …

The Metamorphic Technique & Tsuboki Facial Massage


When you get an email from someone Axelle Bonaparte land in your inbox, trust me, you open it! The intrigue at the name itself, conjuring up an image of a guitar-wielding historical military character (in my head at least), is enough to get me to click on the message, never mind the subject: The Metamorphic Way. I didn’t know but I was in for learning …