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Try Me, Beautiful! Redmond Earthpaste


I’m always on the lookout for clean and natural toothpastes that still taste good. Mainly because Vitacare Pomegranate Mint Whitening Toothpaste, our oral care of preference in the BB house, is £5.99 a tube and rather on the small side when compared to other toothpastes of the same price. It does taste incredible though so it doesn’t pain me too much to part with so …

Natural Oral Care – Winners From Biteable Beauty Best Of


I’ve been meaning to do a post about natural oral care for so long! Ever since I wrote the History of Oral Care post in fact. For me, it’s incredibly scary that many mainstream toothpastes carry a health warning – “If swallowed seek medical advice.” Yes, that’s right, the substance people are brushing their teeth with is a potential hazard to their health. The hazardous …