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Try Me, Beautiful! FOM London Trial Size Orange Blossom Cleanser & Age Defying Facial Moisturiser


I was first introduced to the FOM London collection when Zaga the founder reached out to send me an Overnight Rose Repair Serum and for Mr BB a Gentleman’s Serum from the collection, both of which we packed on our holiday to Antigua last year. The former also won Biteable Best of Beauty in the Best Serum category. The next time I met up with Zaga …

Orba Originals Goat’s Milk Cleanser

Orba Originals

This is the first Orba Originals product I have tried and it certainly gets a thumbs up from me. The goat’s milk has been combined with cocoa butter to be extra nourishing and this cleanser has kept the dry skin patches I sometimes experience during the winter months at bay. Goat’s milk helps to balance the natural pH levels found within the skin. I was …

Balm Balm Super Light Coconut Cleanser


Anyone who’s read the 2012 Natural Beauty Yearbook will know I am a big fan of Balm Balm products. You can read my review of their Rose Geranium Balm here Their ingredients are simple and pure but the formulas effective. This cleanser is no different. It is made up of fractionated coconut oils naturally mechanically extracted from virgin coconut butter without the use of chemicals. There …