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Organic Beauty Week – AsureQuality & Antipodean Beauty Brands


Organic Beauty Week I *almost* called this post “AsureQuality & Antipodes” BUT then I realised that a new organic beauty brand I am currently putting to the test (and rather liking!) is also AsureQuality certified – Moana. Read more about Moana Night Repair Serum here. For AsureQuality Ltd to certify a product completely it has to be 100% natural ingredients. They have two standards, one …

Oils & Serums for Summer Skincare


What’s the difference between oils and serums for summer skincare? It’s a question that I’m often asked, and it’s quite simple really. Serums are usually water-based concentrated formulas that are easily absorbed by the skin. Oils can be pure single oils or a blended formula of multiple oils. A serum usually has a targeted function and smaller molecules going deeper into the skin whilst an …