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Christmas at Kew – Kew Gardens 2014


It seems fitting that on the day after we (finally!) took our Christmas tree down I share this post about our trip to Christmas at Kew Gardens, if only so I can feel the Christmas magic for just a day longer! I just love this time of the year- perfect for a warm bubble bath, too many christmas biscuits and gift-giving. I love how glittery, …

The Libertines – Libstock 2 – Alexandra Palace


Mr BB won some tickets for The Libertines at Alexandra Palace back at the end of September, on the night before the Sunday gig to which we were allocated tickets. A nice surprise, however with him not being a big fan he wasn’t really up for attending but had I not found my friend Scarlett willing and able to come along (and rather excited too!) he …

Aromatherapy Associates – New Products!


I just love the team at Imagination PR, who look after Aromatherapy Associates (amongst others)! Twice now I have hinted that I am going through a bit of a tough time in our correspondence, and twice they have come to the rescue with lovely surprise packages of Aromatherapy Associates. So huge thanks to Emily & Co. at Imagination PR. It’s greatly appreciated especially as I find …