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Sprinkle Some Superfoods to Supercharge Your Day!


Sprinkling superfoods. It may sound faddy and it’s certainly backed by some fad-sters, but is there something in this trend? In fact, adding a little sprinkle of certain superfoods can add not just flavour and texture to your meals but also provide some proven health benefits that you might not even have considered. My nutritionist pals are at it, and I generally agree with all their healthy …

The Many Uses of Coconuts: Beauty, Health & Food


Coconuts are the most versatile fruit used. Grown in over 80 countries worldwide, it’s no surprise that the recent popularity and trend of coconut oil and water is still constantly blooming. With the extreme health and beauty benefits of using coconuts in food or on the skin, it’s no wonder that more and more people everyday are reaching for this scrumptious tropical fruit. Everyone’s going …