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The Best Natural & Organic Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – Fragrance

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Perfume, fragrance, EDT and the like are such a personal choice, and one man’s (or woman’s) trash can be another one’s treasure. We’ve picked the creme de la creme of natural and organic here, and although you can’t smell them through the screen the aim is convey the stories behind the scents, and whom we might buy each fragrance for. Natural perfumery is also a …

Try Me, Beautiful! Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin – 18 Bogota


I am always excited to discover new brands (not necessarily brand new, but new to me!). Indeed I’m not entirely certain how I stumbled upon this one, or they upon me. As the brand is based in Berlin I have a feeling I may have dipped into their parfum store whilst over there visiting friends, however I have no recollection of this occurrence. But then …