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Digestive Kickstarter Pack – Conscious Food


If your digestion is suffering due to overindulgence this summer (and let’s be honest with all the social engagements and events it’s easy to) then why not give D’mix from Conscious Food a go. I’d also recommend anyone with a digestive ailment to give it a whirl, or should I say a chew! For the testimonials speak for themselves, read more here. But What Exactly …

Seafarmacy Sea Kelp Jelly


Seafarmacy Sea Kelp Jelly is a kelp supplement unlike any other you have ever tried. It takes a while to get used to taking the jelly substance as a supplement,and the flavour is not to everyone’s taste (although Mr BB swears it tastes of fruit leathers!) but if you can get past these two aspects you will be doing your body such a good thing …