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Digestive Kickstarter Pack – Conscious Food


If your digestion is suffering due to overindulgence this summer (and let’s be honest with all the social engagements and events it’s easy to) then why not give D’mix from Conscious Food a go. I’d also recommend anyone with a digestive ailment to give it a whirl, or should I say a chew! For the testimonials speak for themselves, read more here. But What Exactly …

Organic Burst Baobab Drink Powder

Organic Burst Baobab Drink Powder

Organic Burst’s Baobab Drink Powder helps boost immunity as well as improve digestive function – both our immune and digestive systems can be left feeling pretty sluggish due to overindulgence during the festivities! Organic Burst Baobab Natural Powder – what is Baobab? Baobab is a tree indigenous to Africa, where it’s actually known as the “Tree of Life” due to the health benefits that the …