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My First Foray Into Eyelash Enhancement with YUMILash


Sadly, I am not blessed with Bambi-like lashes. They’re quite thick (I suppose) but they are not very long, and judging from the effects of lash extensions and other eyelash enhancements, it’s mostly about the length. But the lengths that some lash extensions go to are simply scary, not to mention spidery! However after seeing the stunning results of YUMILash on my dear friend Jennifer …

Review of Madara Herbal Deodorant


I’m always sceptical when trying new deodorants, and Madara Herbal Deodorant was no exception. Don’t get me wrong but the truth is I have tried loads of natural deodorants, most I’ve not been impressed with and I’m not particularly smelly or sweaty. It’s no wonder most people stick to more mainstream offerings such as Sure and Right Guard when it comes to underarm protection. The only …