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The Many Uses of Coconuts: Beauty, Health & Food

Coconuts are the most versatile fruit used. Grown in over 80 countries worldwide, it’s no surprise that the recent popularity and trend of coconut oil and water is still constantly blooming. With the extreme health and beauty benefits of using coconuts in food or on the...

Natural Sun Protection Recipe

Natural Sunscreen Recipe – Sun Protection, Naturally!

I first shared my natural sunscreen / sun protection recipe in the July 2011 issue of Simply Beautiful. Many people have been surprised by natural ingredients having such high Sun Protection Factors (SPFs). Coconut oil has SPF10, hazelnut oil SPF 15, Red Raspberry Seed Oil has an astonishing...


Lavera After Sun Lotion

As soon as I put this lotion on my fingertips to apply I could feel the creaminess of it - which surprised me as the main ingredient is water.  It does however have a lot of skin nourishing and soothing ingredients - coconut oil, jojoba oil,...