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My Odylique Skin and Body Care Odyssey


I’ve been a fan of Essential Care for a while now, in fact I haven’t not liked a product I’ve tried as yet. From their Coconut Candy Body Scrub to Gentle Shampoo, Lipstick and Concealer to First Aid Lotion, they’ve all cut the mustard. So when Abi wrote to me to share news of Odylique, I was most intrigued. Odylique is the new name for …

Balmy About Beauty


I don’t know where I’d be without at least one beauty balm on holiday. This holiday you will see I brought four not including my BB Cream (which I didn’t use in the end. I had grand ideas of making myself up every night for dinner but in fact the only time I put any slap on at all was the wedding night!) Other than …