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New Launch from Ruby Red Cosmetics!


I was hooked on Ruby Red Cosmetics original Body Cleanser when I tried it, and would regularly stock up from John Bell & Croyden – I love that place! So imagine my excitement when I discovered Ruby Red had launched a new Body Cleanser and Moisturiser. Not only that but that these products contained some of my favourite scents, for they are both scented with delicate …

Bodhi Week – Bodhi Body Moisturisers

Bodhi Body Moisturisers

This is the first blog of Bodhi Week (#bodhiweek) on Biteable Beauty. Last week, on the day of the Bodhi Spa Soiree (more on that later) I decided to dedicate a week to the wonderful world of Bodhi. I’d love to hear what you think of the Bodhi range – why not send me a tweet @biteablebeauty #bodhiweek or leave a message on Facebook here. Bodhi …