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AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare


If you want to learn more about AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare, click here If you want my thoughts on some AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare2 products then read on! AEOS organic skincare3 came into my life only relatively recently, however the range has fast scaled the ranks to be amongst my favourite skincare brands. No mean feat, the number of beauty products …

Introduction to AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare


AEOS stands for Active Energised Organic Skincare. The organic skincare range offers a three phase system of skincare and an innovative approach which amplifies and encapsulates the living energy of the natural ingredients it contains. The formulas are a combination of natural, organic and biodynamic plant extracts, essences and essential oils, along with Spagyric tinctures of crystal energies and colour waveforms. Spagyric tinctures? What the hell …

So, You’re Looking for a Natural Liquid Foundation?


I’m very lucky in the fact that I can get away without wearing foundation. When I’m looking after myself well (in terms of diet, not overworking and keeping active!) I do have a natural, healthy glow. In the wintertime when my tan is faded and I’m not eating as well as I’d like nor taking enough time for me, I can look pale, washed out …