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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 7

Thursday 15th January 8pm Class Classic with Alberto Lancerin: Yoga Challenge Day 7 Another day, another yoga day of the yoga challenge. This time with the fabulous Alberto. Like Lily, Alberto is incredibly focused on the breath - or is it that I pick up on him saying...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 5

Tuesday 13th January 8pm Core Class with Razia Sultana Yoga Challenge Day 5 My first core class during this yoga challenge, although I was hoping to fit one in on the weekend but sometimes things don't work out the way you want to. I'm feeling much more...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 4

Monday 12th January 5pm Class Fierce Grace with Lily Cheung, Yoga Challenge Day 4 Day 4 of the Yoga Challenge here we go! I felt much more au fait with the Fierce Grace sequence today, although it is difficult to remember sometimes which posture is next due...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3

Sunday 11th January 10am Class Classic with Louise Maye Yoga Challenge Day 3 Back to the Classic class for Sunday's practice and I felt my concentration was far superior to yesterday's class. I've had this conversation with Chi and Alberto (two other yogis to feature later in...

Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 16

Saturday 24th January 9am Fierce Grace Class Yoga Challenge Day 16 I am not going to lie and say that Fierce Grace was a miracle period pain cure, but after just a couple of weeks practice my pain was considerably lessened. No painkillers administered, something I...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 15

Friday 23rd January 7pm Fierce Grace Class: Yoga Challenge Day 15 It seemed fitting that halfway through my yoga challenge would be the day I came on my period! I hadn’t really thought about practising yoga and my bodily cycles but I gave thanks that it...

Bikram Yoga 30 DAy Challenge Fierce Grace

Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 14

 Thursday 22nd January 8pm Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 14 Almost half way through the Fierce Grace Yoga Challenge and I feel like I have progressed considerably. Things are opening up, but my left side is still considerably tight than the right - hip and shoulder -...

Bikram Yoga 30 DAy yoga-challenge Fierce Grace

Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 13

Wednesday 21st January 5pm Classic Class Yoga Challenge Day 13 Because of timings and the fact I am practising yoga every day, there have to be some classic classes thrown in the mix. It's not that I dislike this class at all, because I don't, its...