Slendertone Face

Anti-Ageing for Face – Lift, Radiance and Relaxation with Slendertone Face

It was with great anticipation that I headed to the Soho W Hotel to find out more about the new launch from Slendertone – 

The Slendertone Face machine.

It was a great press event that I highly enjoyed. There were several experts on hand to talk about approaching anti-ageing from different angles, and it was not just a hard sell on the Slendertone Face machine. First up, I spoke to nutritionist Juliette Reeves, who was talking about keeping our skin looking young from the inside. We discussed certain foods that help to prevent cell damage and ageing, and the fascinating subject of telomeres – which are the ends of our DNA. As we age, scientists believe that these telomeres shorten, unravelling like a shoelace. They get shorter with wear and tear until the telomere runs out and the cell can no longer divide and replicate. This leads to poor health and ageing, however, it is now believed that nutrition can turn back the clock and slow the rate of telomere wear and biological ageing. Read Juliette’s Foods to Anti-Age the Skin here.

Next up I spoke to Dr Vincent Wong, a medical aesthetician who believes in working from the inside and out. He carries out highly complex non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments at his clinic on Harley Street and at the Spa at W Hotel. Dr Wong recommends Slendertone Face for his clients for use at home in between his treatments. He explained to us that Slendertone Face exercises and tones the muscle structure of the face, made up of over ten muscle groups. All these muscle groups start to diminish around the age of thirty.

Finally, we caught up with Miss GB Amy Willerton before she became a household name in the jungle on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Not that I watch the programme, I saw her name on the front of a tabloid! She shared with us her experience of using the Slendertone Face and other products alongside Dr Wong’s aesthetic treatments in the run-up to her competing in Miss Universe, where she was crowned Miss Universe GB 2013! Congratulations Amy!

What they Say – The Slendertone Face is the UK’s Number 1 facial toning device

and is clinically proven to re-build muscle density to help maintain a strong foundation which keeps the overlying skin taut and restores youthful definition by toning and lifting the muscles naturally from the inside out. The portable device only needs to be worn for 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week for the muscles, the skin and facial structure to be lifted and plumped, smoothing out the surface and reversing the typical signs of facial ageing: loss of volume and shape, wrinkles and lines. Studies also show that it improves the facial circulation, so improving the complexion and can even relieve facial stress in as little as ten minutes.

The Slendertone Face has three settings – Lift, Radiance and Massage.

First up I tried the Radiance setting. This helps increase the blood flow to the facial area and gives the skin a healthy, radiant glow. Slendertone Face recommends this setting for use before an evening out for a more healthy, radiant glow. I tried this out one Sunday morning when I was feeling a little delicate after a friend’s birthday party. I attempted before and after photos as you’ll see below but for some reason the lighting is completely different, despite the photos being taken in the same place and only about twenty minutes apart! So not wanting to give an unfair representation of the results, I asked Mr BB for his honest opinion on the results, and he said my skin looked glowing. I thought it looked as though I had light coverage of foundation on, that kind of dewiness achieved when you don’t cake the product on.  

Slendertone Face

Next up I tried the Massage programme, which is recommended for use at the end of the day to aid relaxation. It’s designed to soothe and relax delicate facial muscles during the session, to leave the face feeling relaxed and refreshed. This setting felt like a gentle facial massage, which is just what I need at the end of a long day. I used this function just before bath time and gave myself a facial after using the Slendertone Face, as after the light stimulation blood flow would be closer to the surface of the skin and therefore the products would have more effect. I did wake up the next morning with rejuvenated skin!

Finally, I am embarking on the 12-week Lift programme. I will keep a weekly record of my progress. As Amy explained to us, she uses the Slendertone Face as a prevention method rather than a cure for sagging skin, so even though I think my face is quite tight, it’s never too early to start! I’ll be interested to see if it can do anything for the laughter lines around my eyes as the Slendertone Face is supposed to work on all areas of the face despite only having a pad in one position on each side of the face. 

Here’s my face at the start of week 1!

Slendertone Face Week 1

Using the Slendertone Face

is a strange but not unpleasant experience, as anyone who has used products from the Slendertone range can vouch for! The Slendertone Face sends gentle vibrations through your nerves to cause contractions and relaxations. There are settings of 1-99 so you can choose the intensity and build it up as your muscles get used to the sensation. I’m on my 2nd treatment in the lifting programme as I type this and I’ve built up from 35 to 45 in just a few sessions (including the Radiance and Massage settings I’ve tried!) I’ll be posting a photo each week for 12 weeks and will update you on my progress.