Mioja Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser

I first heard of the wonderful Mioja range through Twitter. Mioja products are not yet available in any stores in the UK (unfortunately!) but they are available from the Mioja website. From the products I have tried so far they are definitely up there with my favourite skincare brands. The formulas in the Mioja range are based on the principal fact that our bodies have their own natural balance and are perfectly capable of self regulation and there for the less we interfere with their processes the better. Based on combinations of botanical extracts and minerals form the earth they are designed to nourish the skin and aid our body’s own healing and regenerative processes. All Mioja products contain “vibrational remedies that draw on the perfect balance that can be found in nature; a blueprint for mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.” Call me a hippy, or whatever you will, but I love this idea that there is a little bit of healing energy in each pot to help us all feel and look better.

There are three ranges in the Mioja skincare line –

  • Green; deeply calming restorative, nurturing energy to promote courage, trust resilience and optimism
  • Orange; energising, enlivening, revitalising energy to promote creativity, enthusiasm and focus
  • Violet; detoxifying, brightening, radiant energy to facilitate openness, awareness, and absolute integrity

I absolutely love the packaging of Mioja products! Firstly, the boxes make a real statement (navy blue with a floral print in the colour of the range on it, in this instance green) but open up the box and inside are gorgeous frosted glass jars with silver lids. I will definitely be washing these to remove the label (and clean the inside!) to reuse once the product is finished.

Mioja Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser

Mioja Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser is designed to restore the balance of natural oils in the skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and glowing with health. It’s formulated with the following active ingredients –

  • Palmarosa and Rose Geranium essential oils to regulate sebum production in the skin
  • Sesame Oil for its strong detoxifying action
  • Aloe Juice to penetrate the dermis and allow cleansing at a deeper level
  • Witch Hazel to sooth inflamed and irritated skin
  • Willow Bark, which naturally contains Salicylic Acid to remove dead skin cells for a fresher and brighter comp
  • Juniper Berry to purify and provide a protective energy which allows release of energies no longer required by the body, mind and spirit

The jar is pretty big and will last for a fair while. I’ve been using this one twice a day for over a month and I am about half way through the product; a little goes a long way.  This is a gel cleanser that you apply to damp skin. It doesn’t foam, but you can feel the product gliding over the skin, leaving a smooth film before you rinse it off with more hot water and smooth skin once you have washed away all the product. It also smells like soapy jelly babies which meant I wanted to lick it off my face; one time a little accidentally went in my mouth. In my past experience beauty products do not always taste as they smell, but in this instance there was a strong similarity between taste and smell – taste being a little more sour than the smell.

This product is great for skin that needs to address oil balance, that’s a little irritated, sun damaged or prone to breakouts. I’ve been using it along with the Kimberly Sayer Lightening and Whitening Serum and the Mioja Organics Ginseng and Geranium Radiance Cream – review of this product coming very soon.

Available from mioja.co.za ZAR 250 (approx £19.62 + shipping) Mioja Organics Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser

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  • Sarah

    This sounds super! I am definitely going to have a look into these products. I love discovering new brands! X sarah @BEskincareful

  • Clare

    Ohh this looks good! Will check out their site. found you through Beauty Blog Boosters x

  • Lisa Stover

    I agree the packaging is really nice, I really like the blue and lime color. I would love to try the orange, any extra “energy” I can get I’ll take lol.

  • Marthaelle

    Wow this look great! Will definitely be checking out their products! Also I absolutely love your melon design for the name!

  • Sarah Bailey

    I love finding new brands thank you for showing me these I really must go and check out their website now! Exciting <3 x

  • tiffany newman

    The packaging is lovely. Why oh why are so many great natural products in the Uk or NZ? Possibly this is a really great reason to get on a plane! In the meantime I am making a list of all the ones I want to try when I get there.

  • Beauty Balm

    Great review. These products sound amazing. Hope they have UK stockists soon. Gorgeous blog too x