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Atijah Organics Cocoa Butter Bars

Atijah Organics Cocoa Butter Bars

As well as giving me the excellent Nubian Twist Body Butter to review, Atijah Organics also gave me two lovely cocoa butter bars, one tea tree and one lemongrass flavour. I soon found the tea tree cocoa butter bar had become a staple in my handbag, as it was small and compact, and the mesh bag it was presented in did a really good job of keeping it separated from the contents of my handbag. The bar was really nourishing and lasted for ages which I was pleased about. As the end of it approached however, I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving it in direct sunshine whilst we picnicked and alas it melted and stuck the bag together! Rest assured I will not be making the same mistake with the lemongrass bar!

As well as scent, these two bars also differ in the fact that the lemongrass one contains unrefined cane sugar which means it cleverly exfoliates and replenishes in one motion.  It is suitable for use all over the body, I found it particularly effective on my feet and as lemongrass is antimicrobial you can expect applying this to your feet to keep odour at bay!

Cocoa butter bars, available in various sizes and flavours from http://www.naturalsatevindi.com/, telephone 0115 910  9895

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