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Holiday Health Helpers


This is the last post in my Caribbean series, and I think it quite apt that just 12 hours from the time I publish this post, I’ll be stepping on a plane and jet-setting off to the Greek island of Kea for a week. My friend is getting married out there so we thought we’d tie our summer holiday in with it. No doubt I’ll …

Biteable Beauty - Award Winning Health & Beauty Blog

Holiday Body Care Bliss from Bamford


I received this Bamford Body Care Duo in an Organic September Box from The Soil Association These are the first Bamford products I have tried, and I am yet to try any since but as I write up this post I am remembering just how impressed Mr BB and I were with these products in Antigua. They were perfect for that late afternoon/early evening shower …

Biteable Beauty - Award Winning Health & Beauty Blog

Summer Skincare Saviours


There are some skincare products I just come back to time and time again. Because I love the products and the experience; the smell, the texture, the look of it on my bathroom shelf. But not to sound fickle, I also return to these products for their efficacy. They actually deliver results and improvement (or at the very least maintenance!) of my skin. Here are …

Biteable Beauty - Award Winning Health & Beauty Blog

My Caribbean Haircare Routine


I recently wrote in a post that “everything is better in the sun”. I would like to detract this statement, for the sun can be bad for our hair, and when coupled with ocean water the partnership can leave hair rather dried out. Thankfully, I took some haircare products away with me in the hope of keeping my hair moisturised, protected and nourished. How Do the Sun …

Biteable Beauty - Award Winning Health & Beauty Blog

Zoya Nail Products


I’ve been a fan of Zoya nail products for a while now, ever since I first stumbled upon them in Whole Foods. They won Biteable Best of Beauty Award for Best Nail Polish in 2013. I love how easy the product is to apply and how long it stays chip-free for, in fact it was awarded for being the longest wearing nail polish by an independent …

Biteable Beauty - Award Winning Health & Beauty Blog

A Pinks Boutique Pedicure in the Caribbean!


Regular readers will know that last summer I pootled along to Appuru to trial and review the Pinks Boutique Pedicure. I was mega impressed, and you can read more about that here. Well, the lovely Kirstie Sheriff sent me a Pinks Boutique Pedicure Try Me Set so that I might keep my tootsies in tip top condition post the in-salon pedicure. To be honest, I …

Biteable Beauty - Award Winning Health & Beauty Blog

Freshness of the Morning – FOM London His and Hers Serums


Freshness of the Morning is quickly climbing the ranks in Biteable Beauty’s top skincare brands! The Overnight Rose Repair Serum won Best Serum Award in the Biteable Best of Beauty 2014. I have since tried two further products and I LOVE them! Review coming soon in Try Me, Beautiful! It was in the Autumn time last year that Freshness of the Morning sent out Overnight Rose …

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Terranova Life Drink

In today’s modern life it’s easy to feel stressed out, run down and to neglect our general health through not taking time for ourselves to enjoy life, poor diet and lack of activity or movement. This can leave us feeling out of sync with ourselves and unbalanced in both body and mind. To help counteract these internal reactions, Terranova have created Life Drink, an excellent …

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Digestive Kickstarter Pack – Conscious Food


If your digestion is suffering due to overindulgence this summer (and let’s be honest with all the social engagements and events it’s easy to) then why not give D’mix from Conscious Food a go. I’d also recommend anyone with a digestive ailment to give it a whirl, or should I say a chew! For the testimonials speak for themselves, read more here. But What Exactly …

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Seafarmacy Sea Kelp Jelly


Seafarmacy Sea Kelp Jelly is a kelp supplement unlike any other you have ever tried. It takes a while to get used to taking the jelly substance as a supplement,and the flavour is not to everyone’s taste (although Mr BB swears it tastes of fruit leathers!) but if you can get past these two aspects you will be doing your body such a good thing …