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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3

Sunday 11th January 10am Class Classic with Louise Maye Yoga Challenge Day 3 Back to the Classic class for Sunday's practice and I felt my concentration was far superior to yesterday's class. I've had this conversation with Chi and Alberto (two other yogis to feature later in...


iQ Superfood Chocolate

We’ve been rather spoilt of late when it comes to treats in the office. First, we were sent some rather scrumptious iQ Superfood Chocolate which tastes so good thanks to the utilisation of a rare Peruvian Criolio Bean. The bars are made from the cacao beans in their pure form – no roasting, no baking, no scorching; no freckles. All beans are fermented at source; before being ethically transported to iQ HQ deep in the Scottish countryside. The bars are sweetened with just organic coconut blossom sugar. We love their mantra –

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Ethical 


The Superfood Chocolate contains several minerals –

Magnesium – needed by every cell in the human body, magnesium slows down the ageing process by stabilising DNA & RNA. It’s also a hormone balancer and plays an important role in the moisture levels in skin and also skin elasticity

Phosphorus – needed for cellular repair, healthy bone formation, healthy teeth and gums, and hormone balance

Copper – aids in production of collagen and elastin.

Manganese – a free radical fighter needed for maintenance of bones, absorption of calcium, healthy thyroid function, regulation of blood sugar levels and fat and carb metabolism.

The iQ Superfood Chocolate chaps


Dr Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap – Lunch at Tibits

Another team that I wish we could spend longer with other than during the Natural & Organic Products Europe show - Team Bronner! This year we've been working on such an exciting campaign with Dr Bronner's and Compassion in World Farming - #compassion. To help spread the...


Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 2

Saturday 10th January 11am Class Classic with San Patel Yoga Challenge Day 2 For Day 2 of the yoga challenge, I decided to choose the Classic 39 Steps Fierce Grass class contains 22 out of the 26 Bikram Yoga poses, which I remembered well, even if my muscle...


At Home Hair Ritual from Green Energy Organics

The clever folks at Millabaci, official UK stockists of cult Italian brand Green Energy Organics have put together this infographic on how to select the right Green Energy Organics haircare system for you. My hair, although not affected too badly at the moment, has a tendency to...


Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum Launch

The grand unveiling of Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum happened at the Natural & Organic Products Europe show. Working in the natural and organic products arena, I always look forward to Natural & Organic Products Europe. Not just because of the buzz of the show,...


Tabitha James Kraan – Organic Hair Care

Tabitha's stand was one of the first I noticed as I made my way to make my presentation at the Natural Beauty Theatre at the Natural & Organic Products Europe show. A brand that had prior to the show stayed under my radar, but after...


Biteable Beauty Bites Back!

My dear readers, forgive me for I have sinned! I left you hanging for almost 3 months! If you looked at my Instagram prior to last Monday, you'd be led to assume that I completed my Fierce Grace 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, celebrated with...