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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 4


Monday 12th January 5pm Class Fierce Grace with Lily Cheung I felt much more au fait with the Fierce Grace sequence today, although it is difficult to remember sometimes which posture is next due to the fact that Fierce Grace and Classic classes do share some postures and some are in the same sequence. Even the Yogis leading the class get confused sometimes! I love …

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My Recent Green People Finds – DD Cream, Bronzer & Age Defy+ Cream Cleanser


Green People Age Defy+ Cream Cleanser It’s no secret that I was really impressed with Green People’s Age Defy+ range. You can read my first post about Green People Age Defy+ range here and the second post here. My particular favourites from the range include the Green People Age Defy+ Lip & Eye Serum, Facial Oil and Serum. So when Rosanna asked if I would …

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#BeautyRevolution – Hair Treatments


Fancy trying out a new hairstyle or a new hair colour? Better think twice! Applying chemical treatments to your hair can make it look and feel good, but most treatments can be dangerous for your hair and, more importantly, to your health. While you may want to change up your hair colour or add some trendy highlights, you should know about the dangers of the …

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#BeautyRevolution – Choosing Natural & Organic Conditioners


If you’re planning on getting rid of your old shampoo to start your #BeautyRevolution off, following on from last week’s post, you might want to think about your conditioner as well. Most conditioners, like shampoos, have ingredients in them that are harmful to not only your hair, but your health too. One particularly unkind ingredient found in most conditioner products, but also in other many …

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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3


Sunday 11th January 10am Class Classic with Louise Maye Back to the Classic class for Sunday’s practice and I felt my concentration was far superior to yesterday’s class. I’ve had this conversation with Chi and Alberto (two other yogis to feature later in this series!): each class is different. There are a number of possible reasons for this: your body is in a different place …

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iQ Superfood Chocolate


We’ve been rather spoilt of late when it comes to treats in the office. First, we were sent some rather scrumptious iQ Superfood Chocolate which tastes so good thanks to the utilisation of a rare Peruvian Criolio Bean. The bars are made from the cacao beans in their pure form – no roasting, no baking, no scorching; no freckles. All beans are fermented at source; before …

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The Start of a #BeautyRevolution – Shampoo Solutions


To coincide with the relaunch of our shop, Biteable Beautique, we want to start a natural #BeautyRevolution – working towards a more Natural You! We’re going to guide you from head to toe the best products for you to convert to, and why you might want to read those ingredients labels more closely. Let’s start from the top – Shampoo-ing! You may be attached to your foaming …

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Dr Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap – Lunch at Tibits


Another team that I wish we could spend longer with other than during the Natural & Organic Products Europe show – Team Bronner! This year we’ve been working on such an exciting campaign with Dr Bronner’s and Compassion in World Farming – #compassion. To help spread the word to journalists The Spa PR Company organised a lunch at vegetarian restaurant Tibits, which they very kindly invited me …

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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 2


Saturday 10th January 11am Class Classic with San Patel The Classic 39 Steps Fierce Grass class contains 22 out of the 26 Bikram Yoga poses, which I remembered well, even if my muscle memory didn’t allow me to immediately pick up the poses where I left off! Rabbit has been removed as have Locust and Full Locust. I miss the former, but I much prefer …

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At Home Hair Ritual from Green Energy Organics


The clever folks at Millabaci, official UK stockists of cult Italian brand Green Energy Organics have put together this infographic on how to select the right Green Energy Organics haircare system for you. My hair, although not affected too badly at the moment, has a tendency to be dry, at times slightly frizzy, and it definitely has a wave to it. So for me, Le Rituel …