Christmas at Kew – Kew Gardens 2014


It seems fitting that on the day after we (finally!) took our Christmas tree down I share this post about our trip to Christmas at Kew Gardens, if only so I can feel the Christmas magic for just a day longer! I just love this time of the year- perfect for a warm bubble bath, too many christmas biscuits and gift-giving. I love how glittery, sparkly and shiny the season is, so when my parents asked if we would like to go and see the lights show, I was incredibly excited! My Mum was a little apprehensive as the reviews online had not been all that great, but it was too late as we already had the tickets! To be honest I’m not sure why there were bad reviews, because I don’t know what else folks could have expected –

  • Kew Gardens at night? Check.
  • Kew Gardens with Christmas and other decorative lights as you walk around? Check.
  • Kew Gardens with stunning light shows projected against iconic buildings on the ground? Check.
  • Delicious food and drink stands with a Christmassy German market feel, in Kew Gardens? Check.

Kew Gardens for the kids –

  • Live entertainment at an appropriate stopping point, with roasted marshmallow opportunities? Check
  • Fairground at another appropriate stopping point? Check.

I honestly had a ball, and can’t see how this could be improved without charging a fortune for entry. The lights were so beautiful and there was a magical charm in the air!

Here are some of my best photos and videos to share –

On the approach, we saw that things were already alight in Kew Gardens – enchanting lights in the tower.



Great ball of fire in front of the Palm House (I believe!)


Towards the end of the walk, there was a Wishing Tree. Whilst my parents did not partake in making a wish, me and Mr BB both hung a lantern for a wishing opportunity.


Tree chandeliers looked hauntingly beautiful. Around here was some music that reminded me of a Victorian music box. It was a little spooky, and got me thinking that Kew should do a Halloween walk – I’d definitely go!



Tunnel of lights – so very very pretty. Who needs a light at the end of the tunnel when there are lights all along the way?!


Electric Bull Rushes and Willow Tree.


Presents Under the Tree.


About halfway round we stopped for a delicious whole fruit marshmallow, that we toasted over a fire pit. The Marshmallowists’ marshmallows were absolutely delicious. With it being a Friday night, I opted for a Blueberry & Gin option.


They were super delicious.


And made by hand with whole fruit (and a whole lot of sugar I am sure!)


The entertainment half way round was engaging, and even us as adults enjoyed it.


Snowflakes were projected on the pavement for extra wintery-ness. This looked so cool, would love to replicate in my garden one day!


Trees atmospherically lit up, again I feel Halloween at Kew could be incredibly successful!


My video was getting a bit low, but the colours in this display were so vivid and intense, so a photo of the green had to do!


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