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Winter is Coming – Fight the Cold and Flu with Ener-C

My new addiction: not just for cold and flu

It’s a good job I get a discount on these products, because I have become just ever so slightly a little bit addicted to these Ener-C Vitamin C sachets. There are worse things to be addicted to. It’s the Pineapple Coconut flavour that’s got me hooked. Originally used for just the cold and flu and as a first thing in the morning hit, has turned into a first thing in the morning, after yoga, and any time I’m feeling thirsty but don’t want to drink plain boring water hit!

Sadly, many of the vitamin C products we find on our shelves are derived from GMO these days (and I’m not just talking the cheap products!) With Ener-C, not so. All vitamins and minerals are from natural sources, and chosen for their quality but also for their ability to absorb into our bodies to help us fight the cold and flu or even just to serve as a pick-me-up.


The formula contains vitamin B-complex and vitamin C which when combined with the electrolytes in the product offer a strong energy boost. There’s 1000mg of vitamin C in each sachet, which can help maintain and boost your immune system. I’m going to continue taking religiously through the winter months in the hope of staving off colds and flu.

Ener-C is also great for hangovers, as tested on my motley crew at Glastonbury, the cold and flu and the beautiful dirty stopouts at my birthday party this year. All round, everybody was impressed by the effects and the fact it tastes so good!

So, as we’ve established, I’m a sucker for the Pineapple Coconut flavour, but there’s also Ener-C Orange, Lemon Lime, Cranberry, Tangerine Grapefruit and Raspberry. I like them all, but the Pineapple Coconut for me is the clear winner. You could have a different flavour for each occasion- lemon lime for music festivals, cranberry for cold and flu, etc.


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