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Dalyan Mud Bath

I’ve always quite fancied a turn at mud wrestling. I remember at Secret Garden Party I almost dived right in but my brain thankfully got the better of me and realised that as there was still a considerable length of time left at the festival, getting muddy was a pretty dumb idea. A mud bath in Turkey meant I could fulfil the getting covered in mud part of my desire, but as there wasn’t quite enough elbow space for wrestling I had to make do with throwing mudballs at Charlie.

After a pretty boat trip along a river, we stripped down to our swimwear and plunged straight in.  The bottom was uneven and some parts were softer and squelchier, so I opted for lying down in a semi-floating fashion in the mud. Ensuring we were covered from head to toe in mud, we emerged from the mud bath and allowed it to dry in the sun. This part took longer than it should as we had been somewhat overenthusiastic with our mud application. Once dried, we took a run and jump into the river to remove all the mud. This was so refreshing and invigorating! I have always loved swimming in open bodies of water so this was a real treat. With all traces of mud gone from hair and body, it was time for the final stage, a relaxing soak in a sulphur bath, sourced from a natural hot spring and housed in a small whitewashed building. At first, the sulphurous smell was almost too much but within a minute of entry to the bath your nose was accustomed to it. The water was lovely, not just warm but hot – too hot for Charlie in fact so he just dangled his legs over the side.

The mud bathing experience at Dalyan is fabled to make you look ten years younger in local folklore. Whilst I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, there was something very cleansing about the ritual and I emerged feeling soft of skin, relaxed and carefree of mind.

To find out more about the excursion visit www.gofetiye.com

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  • Maureen

    Went to the mudbaths at Dalyan last week …… great experience!

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