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Zone Face Lift with Ziggie Bergman – World Reflexology Week


World Reflexology Week took place in 2016 from 19th-25th September. Reflex-what? It’s a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Visit to find your nearest reflexologist! I’ve not had all that many reflexology treatments, but every time I have I always think “I should …

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Yogandha – Aromatherapy for Yoga & Life


I love it when I’ve already fallen for a brand and then when it comes to researching and writing up about them there’s much more to the brand than meets the eye. Today, I’m talking about Yogandha. I first met the founder, Sinéad Duffy, at CAM Expo. We chatted for a while and then when we saw each other again next it was at Natural …

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Purely Green Beauty – Ayurvedic Facial with Claire Mazik


Entrepreneurial spirit is something encouraged in our workspace, and I am always delighted to see friends doing their own thing. Admittedly, as a highly regarded make up artist, Claire Mazik has been doing her own thing for a while now, but she is now doing a new thing! Purely Green Beauty is Claire’s Ayurvedic Facial business, practising out of Highgate Holistic Clinic (just a stone’s …

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Cosmetic Acupuncture with Ka Hang Leoungk


I’d not long been back from holiday when I made my way to Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden to meet Ka Hang Leoungk of Pointspace for a Cosmetic Acupuncture session. I had a bit of time to spare, and having not been to Neal’s Yard for a while I took the opportunity to try a smoothie from Salad Pride as I hadn’t had time for lunch. …

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DG Podiatrist – Sole of London Review


You know how sometimes opportunities arise just at the right moment? Well, my invitation to experience the new Sole of London treatment with Dina Gohil, otherwise known as DG Podiatrist, popped up in my inbox at the perfect time! It was just two weeks before I was jetting off to St Lucia, and the treatment itself sounded right up my street; an ayurvedic medical treatment that brings together …

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Keep Immaculate Energising Massage at Fenwick Brent Cross Review


Keep Immaculate was one of the first brands I wrote about on my blog – I reviewed their Avocado & Carrot Seed Oil here some four years ago! When Suzannah from the PR team for Keep Immaculate got in touch to invite me to experience their recently-launched treatments at Fenwick of Brent Cross, how could I resist when the location is a mere 15 minute drive …

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Biteable Best of Beauty – Best Spa Deep Nature Paris

Deep Nature - I Spa Paris MD - Hammam -® Ludovic Di Orio

September in Paris has become something of a ritual for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to judge at the Beyond Beauty Paris show for several years in a row. I’m always so happy to go back to Paris, I never tire of the city. Some friends, and Mr BB, always comment “it’s just like London with lots of French people in …

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SpaSeekers – What a Way to Remedy a S*!t Day!


SpaSeekers Look No Further! You might have fathomed from some of the recent posts that work-life has been a little bit tough recently. Thankfully I am blessed with a wonderful home-life, the body and means to practise yoga regularly, and highly supportive and generous parents who break up our relentless London life with absolutely amazing holidays! Well when Sammy got in touch on behalf of SpaSeekers it …

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Tsuboki Facial Massage and The Metamorphic Technique with Axelle Bonaparte


Tsuboki Massage After my Metamorphic Technique experience, it was time for the Tsuboki Facial Massage. The word “Tsuboki” is formed from the combination of “Tsubo”, acupressure point and “Ki”, energy in Japanese. Massaging Tsuboki and Acupressure points helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, improve skin and muscle tone and blood circulation, and reduce pore size and acne scars. The facial acupressure points relate to 8 …

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The Metamorphic Way & Tsuboki Facial Massage


When you get an email from someone Axelle Bonaparte land in your inbox, trust me, you open it! The intrigue at the name itself, conjuring up an image of a guitar-wielding historical military character (in my head at least), is enough to get me to click on the message, never mind the subject: The Metamorphic Way. Axelle grew up in the shadows of the Pyrenees, …