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The Longer You Leave It…


…the more difficult it is to come back to blogging. I only meant to take a few weeks off over Christmas and New Year, but last year got to me just a little bit too much. It was in many ways the best and worst year of my life. Yes, there was Brexit and Trump but looking at the year on a personal and professional …


The Best Natural & Organic Christmas Gift Guide 2016 – Stocking Fillers


Hopefully by now you’ve read our Christmas gift guides for skin & body care, fragrance and aromatherapy. Now it’s time for the trimmings, the best natural and organic stocking fillers that will fill your loved ones with joy as they rip open their stockings on Christmas morning! Stocking fillers can go either way dependent upon your budget. Those strapped for cash will either give them …


5 Things I Learnt When My Beauty Blog Was Hacked By Terrorists


Hello dear readers, it’s been a while! The reason I’ve been absent from my blog is mainly that I’ve not been able to login to the back end of the site due to a serious hacking we experienced last year by a terrorist group. Regular readers may remember some graphic and unpleasant video footage that took over my websites last year. Well, at the time …


Put the Kettle On – Our Favourite Organic Tea Brands Featuring Pukka Tea


Winter’s definitely here, and although the temperature hasn’t dropped *that* severely yet, we do find ourselves fixing a brew or two extra a day than we normally would. Here are a selection of our favourite organic tea brands – When is comes to organic tea brands my all-time #1 has to be Pukka Tea! My new favourite Pukka tea for the winter has to be …


The Launch of Equazen


Earlier in the year I was invited me along to learn more about Equazen – at the launch of the brand in the UK. We all know that we should be eating, ideally, a couple of portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily fish. I for one aim for at least that, although I was put off for a while from …


Learning How To Make Candles in London


Last month, I was invited along to Lumiere de Londres studio to partake in a candle making workshop with a lovely lady named Sakeena Edo. In the workshop, we completed three projects in a relatively short amount of time – an aromatherapy candle, a massage candle and wax melts. The latter I hadn’t heard of prior to the event but Sakeena advised that a previous …


The Shard and Afternoon Tea in London


It’s just a couple of days till Mr BB’s birthday as I write this, but this trip was Mr BB’s birthday present from my parents last year – a trip up The Shard followed by Afternoon Tea at The Novotel South. We had a lovely day back in January, it was pretty cold so we both wrapped up warm and set off on our little …


Biteable Beauty Bites Back!


My dear readers, forgive me for I have sinned! I left you hanging for almost 3 months! If you looked at my Instagram prior to last Monday, you’d be led to assume that I completed my Fierce Grace 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, celebrated with a bottle of organic Prosecco from Earth Foods and then disappear down the rabbit hole! Admittedly, Twitter has been somewhat more …


Christmas at Kew – Kew Gardens 2014


It seems fitting that on the day after we (finally!) took our Christmas tree down I share this post about our trip to Christmas at Kew Gardens, if only so I can feel the Christmas magic for just a day longer! I love how glittery, sparkly and shiny the season is, so when my parents asked if we would like to go and see the …


Make at Home Food & Drink – Chai Tea


We recently had some friends over for dinner, and one of them very kindly gifted us some Masala Chai Tea from Tea2You in Borough Market. I can see from their website that their blend consists of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, and this is somewhat similar to the recipe I make chai tea with at home. Which as I think it’s so delicious I …