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Christmas Cooking: Easy Raw Superfood Truffles

I’ve literally just popped my truffles in the fridge to harden/set. This was a test run and a bit of an experiment to see what superfood flavours work well together as well as which spices and sweeteners are best to use. The Superfood Truffle Base – Cashew Nut Butter For this batch, I made a fresh lot of cashew nut butter. This is one of …


Minvita Organic Sprouted GABA Rice Risotto Recipe

Risotto is such a comfort food for me, I definitely favour eating it in the autumn and winter months (although I do a great spring vegetable risotto too!) The thick, gloopy rice, the gooey cheese, the deep but not too fussy flavours. Yep, risotto is one of the best Italian classics in my opinion. Here, I give you my twist on this classic, instead of …


Sore Throat & Cough Natural Remedy Recipe #WellnessWednesday


The BBC today reported that winter is a long way from over, and I arrived at the office recently to discover 2 colleagues had all but lost their voice! So I think it’s safe to say we are still in the midst of cold and flu season… It’s a while since I vlogged, but I made it a new year’s resolution to vlog more. I …