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Disco Yoga Launch Event at Trapeze Shoreditch


We were recently invited for the Disco Yoga launch event in Shoreditch. Since the majority of our team are yogis, we decided to check it out! You would think ‘Disco’ & ‘Yoga’ could never be paired together but hey, fitness can never have enough innovations, right? As fitness enthusiasts look for another new and exciting workout, Sarah Hunt and DJ Darlo give them just that with …

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My Outdoor Sports Kitbag Essentials


Softball season is all but finished, just one weekend tournament in Edinburgh on the bank holiday left to go. Which will please my friends, not to mention Mr BB, immensely.  My lovely friend Aurora has invited me to a few get-togethers that I have had to decline, due to my softball commitments. It did become a bit ridiculous at one point, which led to a …

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Fierce Grace Yoga 30 Day Challenge Day 7


Thursday 15th January 8pm Class Classic with Alberto Lancerin Another day, another yoga class. This time with the fabulous Alberto. Like Lily, Alberto is incredibly focused on the breath – or is it that I pick up on him saying inhale more because of his French accent? Who knows! I was once again pleased with my performance for this class, and I can really feel …

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Fierce Grace Yoga 30 Day Challenge Day 6


Wednesday 14th January 1pm Class The Fix with Gwen Guillamet Now originally I was going to pay a visit to the morning Classic class on this day, however we had a new member of the team joining at the office and because I had plans for the evening The Fix was the only class that I could fit in for the day. At just under …

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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 5


Tuesday 13th January 8pm Core Class with Razia Sultana My first core class, although I was hoping to fit one in on the weekend but sometimes things don’t work out the way you want to. I’m feeling much more accepting of this as time goes by, just let it go! Core class is actually a really great option for those who work long hours and …

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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 4


Monday 12th January 5pm Class Fierce Grace with Lily Cheung I felt much more au fait with the Fierce Grace sequence today, although it is difficult to remember sometimes which posture is next due to the fact that Fierce Grace and Classic classes do share some postures and some are in the same sequence. Even the Yogis leading the class get confused sometimes! I love …

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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3


Sunday 11th January 10am Class Classic with Louise Maye Back to the Classic class for Sunday’s practice and I felt my concentration was far superior to yesterday’s class. I’ve had this conversation with Chi and Alberto (two other yogis to feature later in this series!): each class is different. There are a number of possible reasons for this: your body is in a different place …

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Fierce Grace 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 2


Saturday 10th January 11am Class Classic with San Patel The Classic 39 Steps Fierce Grass class contains 22 out of the 26 Bikram Yoga poses, which I remembered well, even if my muscle memory didn’t allow me to immediately pick up the poses where I left off! Rabbit has been removed as have Locust and Full Locust. I miss the former, but I much prefer …

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Fierce Grace Yoga 30 Day Challenge Day 30


DOUBLE FIERCE GRACE HOT YOGA! Saturday 7th February 9am Fierce Grace Class Followed by 11am Classic Class!  What a great way to finish my 30 day Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Challenge – a double with two of my favourite yogi instructors who had been through my journey with me – Chimezie and San! As I packed up my bag the night before class, Mr BB …