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Organic September Launch Event at Rosewood Hotel


Happy Organic September everyone! We’re in the process of digital enhancement here at Biteable Beauty, and we’ve also got some new additions to our team, Katria and Eline! Welcome ladies! To celebrate Organic September in true BB style, we’re going to be reviewing a different organic product every day, and sharing the organic credentials of the various certification bodies. But first, I am going to give you an …


Ingredients to Avoid in Bubble Bath!


We don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of sinking into a hot bubble bath after a long day or when you need some extra me-time, but did you know that your favourite mainstream foaming bath product may contain a bunch of rather unbeautiful ingredients? We suggest checking the list of ingredients of your bubble bath and looking out for Cocamidopropyl Betaine on it. Cocamidopropyl betaine …


Clean Up Your Nail Polish Remover!


Once nail polish wears off and starts chipping, it’s time to remove it. Mainstream nail polish removers may contain harsh and powerful ingredients which although may remove multiple coats of nail colour can have a negative effect on health. One ingredient to watch out for in your nail colour remover is Acetone. Classified as 3/10 health concerns by the EWG,  which is low-moderate on their scale, …


Ever Looked at the Ingredients in Nail Polish?


Adding a pop of colour to your nails can be the making of your outfit, or perhaps you just like how smart your they look with a hint of colour on them. However, have you ever taken a look at the ingredients in nail polish? Most popular brands contain ingredients that perhaps we don’t want to be putting on our bodies. Let’s Look at the Ingredients …


Body Oil


Helping with dry and rough skin, body oil is a great product to polish the look and touch of your skin. Unfortunately, most mainstream body oils contain harmful ingredients and chemicals, which may harm your skin rather than pampering it. A chemical found in many cosmetic products, including body oil, is Polyquaternium-7. Especially found in haircare and styling products, the chemical finds its main use …




Did you know? Soap-like materials have already been around since the third millennium BC in Babylon, where they were made using only water, cassia oil and alkali. Nowadays, however, there doesn’t seem much left of the simplicity of former soap ‘bar’ formulas. Instead, the beauty industry enriches soap products with a variety of more or less valuable ingredients, amongst which there are some we recommend …




Using a body scrub is great to polish your skin when the cold winter weather transformed your arms and legs into flaky sticks, or when summer is around the corner and you fancy showing a bit of smooth skin. Still, besides the commonly found plastic microbeads added as physical exfoliating agents (we wrote about them in our blog post about facial exfoliators), body scrubs and …


Why You Should Switch to Natural & Organic Body Washes, Shower Gels & Liquid Soaps!


No matter if you prefer to shower in the morning or at night, having a nicely scented and nourishing body wash waiting for you in the shower caddy is always something to look forward to for each pamper session. However, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that most body washes are laden with ingredients you may want to avoid. One ingredient commonly found …


Mind Your Mouthwash!


There is debate about whether or not using mouthwash should be a necessary part of a proper oral hygiene routine. Whether or not you want to make it part of your daily teeth cleansing sessions is an individual decision. However, for some people a mouthwash may be an integral part of their regime towards (re-)gaining good oral health. The majority of mouthwash products are filled …


Watch What You Brush You Teeth With!


Three Things You Didn’t Know about Your Toothpaste’s Ingredients Already when we were little we were meticulously taught that brushing our teeth is key to maintaining oral –and overall- health and prevent black holes. Therefore, it might (and should!) not come as a surprise to you that dentists recommend brushing your  teeth at least twice per day, flossing religiously, eating properly, steering clear of sugary …