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Eline’s Top 3 Nail Polishes for Autumn

When it comes to nail polish, I’m a big spender. Not necessarily because I like expensive nail polishes but because I just can’t resist them. At the moment – I recently spring-cleaned my beauty drawer – I have about 50 bottles of nail polish in all shapes and sizes, and colours! I’m probably nowhere near the world record, but I’m only 23 so I have …


How to: Ombré Nails

We’ve all seen the ever-so popular ombré hair that’s been an ongoing trend in the last few years, but this season ombré has turned to nails! It’s time to flaunt your fingers as metallics, nudes, minimalism and ombré hit the scene and takeover Autumn/Winter. What is ombré? Ombré meaning ‘Shaded’ in French is the gradual blending of one colour hue to another, usually moving tints …


Non­-Toxic Nails from Little Ondine


Every now and then I receive a product that gets me a little bit excited! Little Ondine is one of those products. I thought this formula was not only water-based, not 3­ 5­ or 7­ free but ALL free, completely non-toxic nails, as well as a formula that really works. However, once I received the ingredients list there was one ingredient on there that doesn’t float my boat: …


Clean Up Your Nail Polish Remover!


Once nail polish wears off and starts chipping, it’s time to remove it. Mainstream nail polish removers may contain harsh and powerful ingredients which although may remove multiple coats of nail colour can have a negative effect on health. One ingredient to watch out for in your nail colour remover is Acetone. Classified as 3/10 health concerns by the EWG,  which is low-moderate on their scale, …


Ever Looked at the Ingredients in Nail Polish?


Adding a pop of colour to your nails can be the making of your outfit, or perhaps you just like how smart your they look with a hint of colour on them. However, have you ever taken a look at the ingredients in nail polish? Most popular brands contain ingredients that perhaps we don’t want to be putting on our bodies. Let’s Look at the Ingredients …


Stylfile – Nail Care Innovation from Tom Pellereau


A couple of months ago I was invited to meet Tom Pellereau, the inventor of Stylfile, for coffee and cake at Drink, Shop & Do. This was not the first time I had been to this joint, for Nadja of Throw Me Something Beautiful and Olivia of Beauty from the Fjords invited me to the Bloggers Tea Party there last year. Last time I succumbed to …


Have You Discovered HJ Manicure?


I’m so pleased to have discovered HJ Manicure. Well, actually Helen discovered me, as she approached us earlier on in the year to work on their re-launch. A couple of weeks ago we had a launch event for the AW14 shimmer collection colours at Orico London on The Kings Road. Whenever I go to paint my nails from my HJ Manicure box it is such …


Zoya Nail Products


I’ve been a fan of Zoya nail products for a while now, ever since I first stumbled upon them in Whole Foods. They won Biteable Best of Beauty Award for Best Nail Polish in 2013. I love how easy the product is to apply and how long it stays chip-free for, in fact it was awarded for being the longest wearing nail polish by an independent …


Biteable Beauty Best Of – Nail Polish


I have to say that at first I didn’t quite “get” how to apply Bad Apple Cosmetics. I didn’t receive any literature with the gorgeous set of colours I was sent and I eagerly applied my first coat, waited till I thought that layer was dry and then reapplied. Sadly it messed up, for the first layer was not dry and I therefore did not …