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Last Minute Beauty Christmas Gifts

Let’s face it, with our obsession with gift giving (and in some cases receiving!) Christmas can be a busy, as well as expensive, time! We are firm believers in giving gifts, but we think you should always make the presents something useful that the recipient will appreciate and actually use. The selection of natural and organic beauty products in supermarkets is increasing rapidly which means …

Male Grooming

Organic Homme – Good to Go Travel Set by Charlie Cox

I was given this set to try when we went on holiday to Turkey.  Although I eat organic I must admit that my grooming regime does utilise the cheapest possible shaving foam and cheap Bic razors to tend to my wiry steel-like stubble. The set contained four mini sized products in a compact and stylish box set. The ‘Scrub It’ exfoliator left my skin clear, …

Male Grooming


Dads are particular when it comes to their grooming. Correction, not just Dads, men in general. I remember one Christmas I bought my Dad some lovely old school shaving products from Selfridges (this was before my Carter and Bond days, as well as my natural ones too!)  I don’t think he used them over the Christmas break and the next time I returned and I …